Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ghouta: From MSM/Takfiri Hype to Reality

19 March:

"With the capture of Kfar Batna and parts of Saqba, rebels still control the towns of Arbeen, Zamalka, Ein Tarma and Jobar on the southern edge of eastern Ghouta. 'The world has betrayed us,' said Ahmad Khanshour, a resident of eastern Ghouta, referring to the international community that could not do much to stop the offensive. 'The world betrayed itself and the human values we all once shared.' He said about 300,000 people are still besieged in eastern Ghouta, left to choose between 'dying under fire or surrendering and go to Assad's jails and slaughterhouses'." (Thousands flee as troops take rebel srongholds." AP/Sydney Morning Herald, 19/3/18)

27 March:

"'To be honest, people welcomed the regime forces,' said Mohammed Rabea, a media activist from Harasta who was on the convoy of buses to Idlib last week. He said there had been no confirmed reports of those who chose to remain being arrested. 'We heard from the regime soldiers that they will detain the young men to be conscripted to the military service,' he said." (Men from Ghouta facing the frontline, The Times/The Australian, 27/3/18)

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Grappler said...

The same thing happened in Homs. Western media seem to think that people have no memory.

What is surprising is that the Australian published it. Normally they just go quiet for a while and then go back to the same old lies.
Unfortunately I have friends who do have no memory and continue to believe these media.