Sunday, March 4, 2018

Just Another Labor Zionist

"Michael Danby, the Labor member for Melbourne Ports, has described [Shorten-ally Kimberley Kitching MP] as 'the most intellectually impressive woman active on the moderate side of Labor politics'." (My Kitching rules, Matthew Knott, GoodWeekend, 3/3/18)

So what is it about Kitching that's got the shadow minister for Israel salivating so?

Oh, I see:

"One of the most high profile moments in her time on [Melbourne Council] came when she championed the removal of a publicly funded anti-Israel mural from the CBD. The work featured a large Star of David and described 200,000 Palestinians being killed and 385 towns destroyed since the creation of the State of Israel.'People when berserk when we took it down,' Kitching, a passionate supporter of Israel, recalls with delight. 'I must have done every talk back show in Australia that week'."

Others, of course, are not so easily impressed:

"'Kimberley is a very charming, warm, engaging, highly-intelligent moral vacuum,' a senior figure from the Labor Left says."

But there's hope yet:

 "Kitching's friend John Roskam, executive director of the free-market Institute of Public Affairs think tank, says she is part of a 'dying breed' in the Labor Party. 'She represents traditional Labor Right values in a party that is being dragged to the left. She doesn't hate capitalism, she doesn't hate employers, she would view the Greens as just as much and enemy of the Labor Party as the Liberals'."

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Anonymous said...

Do the Labor left have the ticker? Talk is cheap, and there's not much of that in support of Palestine. Just look at the Ahed Tamimi case. Naturally an issue that deserves as much disgust and vitriolic fervour from Hollywood and the left as the 'Me Too' campaign. Hipocracy, alive and well.