Saturday, March 24, 2018

Salivating Zionists

John Howard responds to Kevin Rudd (see my 21/3/18 post More Fool He) in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald:

"The statement of [Rudd's] about the existence of WMDs, to which I... have most frequently referred over the years was contained in a speech he delivered to the State Zionist Council of Victoria on October 15, 2002. In it he asserted that it was 'an empirical fact' that Iraq possessed WMDs. He based his assertion not on intelligence material, but on a bulletin from the Federation of American Scientists, which listed Iraq among a number of states in possession of chemical and biological weapons and with the capacity to develop a nuclear program."

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Grappler said...

What does "with the capacity to develop a nuclear program" mean? Almost all European countries have the capacity to develop a nuclear program, having an appropriate level of industrial development. Japan certainly has that capacity, as do Korea, Brazil, and, of course, Australia. As to the Federation of American Scientists having knowledge other than they had gleaned from publicly available reports from US and other "Western" intelligence sources, I doubt it. The willful ignorance and irrationality of our leaders scares me.