Wednesday, March 21, 2018

More Fool He

Kevin Rudd in today's Sydney Morning Herald:

"In virtually every speech Howard has given on Iraq since 2003, he has also sought to justify his decision to go to war on the grounds that I, too, had said at the time that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. As in fact had most people. But there is a small problem with this argument. Like most Australians then, I had no access to intelligence material. I accepted the government's claims about the existence of Iraqi WMDs at face value - it didn't cross my mind that Howard would flagrantly misrepresent its content." (Monstrous strategic mistake that took us to war in Iraq)

It didn't cross his mind? Really? Well, I never...

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Grappler said...

I have less of a problem with people who believed the Iraqi WMD story ( I didn't but many of my friends did) than I do with people who, after that event, continue to trust Western governments to tell the truth on similar matters - such as the current Skripal case in London.

But Rudd probably did not believe the WMD story and felt he had to go with the political flow. Compare Corbyn on Skripal. Sad but given the nature of Western media it is understandable.