Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Every MSM Cliche in the Book

Wow, the following piece has almost every cliche in the pro-Israel MSM handbook: "violence" that merely "erupts" - just like that and for no apparent reason; that old standby "clashes"; Hamas puppet masters; Nakba euphemism*; reporter in direct touch with nameless "Hamas leaders" as he sips his lattes at Tel Aviv cafe; and those poor, put-upon Israeli soldiers who, typically, have no choice but to "respond" to ravening Palestinian untermenschen:

"A Palestinian mass protest along Gaza's border with Israel, billed as peaceful by its organisers, erupted in violence at the weekend, with at least 16 Palestinians killed and several hundred wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers. Friday marked the beginning of six weeks of protests Hamas had planned against Israel and the Palestinian displacement surrounding its 1948 creation... Hamas leaders presented the initiative as a peaceful effort, though they readily conceded it might get out of hand. It did just that within hours, as demonstrators threw rocks and firebombs and rolled burning tires at Israeli soldiers, who responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition." (Peaceful Gaza protest turns deadly, Jonathan Ferziger/Bloomberg, The Sun-Herald, 1/4/18)


[*And while we're at it, try this little Nakba euphemism on for size: "Demonstrators are campaigning for the right to go back to their ancestors' homes and land that was appropriated after Israel was founded 70 years ago." (Israel warns of raids to curb border unrest, The Sunday Times/The Australian, 2/4/18)]

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Grappler said...

I don't understand how the protesters could roll tires at Israeli soldiers if they soldiers were on the other side of a fence. Or were they in Gaza itself, in which case they are - since the Israelis regard Gaza as "not Israel" - they are invaders and Gazans have a right to try to repel them.