Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sydney Morning Herald Readers & Syria

Every Saturday the Sydney Morning Herald features an item called The Readers' Panel. Four questions are asked, and the results - yes/no/don't know - are recorded as pie graphs at the foot of the letters page.

One of yesterday's 4 questions was: Do you think Australia should join a joint response to the Syrian chemical attack?

The results were as follows: Yes - 39%; No - 39%; Don't Know - 21%

For the pessimists among us this will be a glass-half-empty:

That is, 39% of Herald readers appear sufficiently brain-dead as not to be aware of the fact that they are being bombarded daily with anti-Asad, regime-change propaganda recycled from the New York Times and the Washington Post.

For the optimists, a glass-half-full:

Despite this bombardment, 39% smell a rat, or two, or three, and remain capable of thinking for themselves.

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Grappler said...

Disappointing MERC. The 39% in favour believe the narrative coming from the US/UK. The 39% against might believe it but think that Australia should not be involved.
Of course, if you don't believe the narrative, you probably don't read the SMH. I gave up a long time ago except occasionally to find out what kind of propaganda it is trying.