Monday, April 9, 2018

The Palestinians Came Down Like the Wolf on the Fold... 2

(with apologies to Byron)

As I was saying only the other day (7/4), no one, but no one, does reality inversion quite like a Zionist propagandist. Please, let's hear it for... Alan Freedman of St Kilda East:

"In orchestrating the violence, Hamas knew exactly what it was doing. If those protesters in Gaza had stayed home instead of provoking Israel into controlling militants attempting to breach its border, no one would have been killed." (Letter to The Australian, 9/4/18)

(Needless to say, if the grandparents of those Gaza protesters had "stayed home" in 1948-49, they'd have been shot dead and so, conveniently for Israel, not been in a position - ahem - to produce such "provoking" grandkids, right Alan?)

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Anonymous said...

The comments made by the two Australian readers in defence of the atrocities committed on the Palestinian protesters is Freudian! The screaming out of people as anti Semites whilst committing crimes of murderous intent against Palestinian civilians continues to inspire the Zionist's ego.