Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Palestinians Came Down Like the Wolf on the Fold... 1

(with apologies to Byron)

No one, but no one, does reality inversion quite like a Zionist propagandist. Please, let's hear it for... George Fishman of Vaucluse:

"When 30,000 people, intent on your destruction, mass on your border and attack your army with burning tyres, slinging rocks, molotov cocktails and a variety of other firebombs, it's not a non-violent protest or a peaceful march, it's war. Israel has every right to use whatever means it has at hand to respond to Gaza's deadly attacks." (Letter to The Australian, 6/4/18)

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Grappler said...

How many Palestinians crossed the so-called border fence - built well inside agreed Palestinian land? How is that an invasion? It's a bit like the "invading Arab armies" when Israel was founded.