Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sheridan Biffs Bishop, MERC Cries Foul

Would it greatly surprise you if I told you that I simply don't do agreement with the scribblings of The Australian's Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan?

You might, for argument's sake, ask: but what if he were to put the boot into a leading Liberal politician - say, for example, the shadow minister for foreign affairs, Julie Bishop?

Well, he has, big time, but no, I still can't bring myself to agree with him. Here he is biffing the Bishop:

"Julie Bishop... has produced not a single sentence of substance or originality while in the portfolio." (Bishop's errors of judgment compound the Coalition's woes, 14/2/11)

Why can't I agree with that? Because his assertion is demonstrably false.

In sheer defiance of the odds, Bishop has actually uttered a sentence of considerable substance and originality while in the portfolio.

Last year, in the context of the usual unseemly Labor/Liberal outbidding to see which was the more worthy of Israel's attentions, Bishop was asked whether a Coalition government would ever abstain in a UN vote on Israel. She replied, "I don't know, Israel could do anything."*

OK, so her freudian slip was showing, but I challenge you to name one other Western politician who has dared refer to the Middle East's only mad dog.

[* See my 14/8/10 Bishop: 'Israel Could Do Anything']

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