Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That Peace Treaty...

"President Mubarak and military leaders view our military assistance program as the cornerstone of our mil-mil relationship and consider the USD 1.3 billion in annual Foreign Military Financing (FMF) as 'untouchable compensation' for making and maintaining peace with Israel." (From Egypt's strategic importance to the US, cable sent by US ambassador to Egypt, Margaret Scobey, on 31/3/09,

For USrael, Egypt is literally nothing if not its 1979 peace treaty with Israel. To understand the absolute centrality of that treaty to what is happening in Egypt today, just click on the Camp David tag below and read my 15/2/09 post A Likud Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Reading Carter's Peace not Apartheid one realises that there is no peace treaty. Israel has breached the conditions of the Camp David Accords, and thus Egypt can revoke the treaty at will.