Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zionist Talking Point of the Day

Fairfax journalist Paul McGeough is undoubtedly the best ms media journalist on Middle Eastern affairs in this country. The following commentary, on the blatant hypocrisy that pervades US policy on the Middle East, appeared last Monday in the Sydney Morning Herald:

"While upheaval continues in the Middle East, the idea that the Obama administration was more concerned about its strategic interests than the human rights of more than 300 million Arabs was confirmed when Washington torpedoed a United Nations Security Council resolution against Israeli settlement-building in occupied Palestinian territory. Last week Barack Obama urged leaders facing unrest to reform, warning: 'you can't be behind the curve'. But as Britain, France and Germany backed condemnation of settlement building on annexed Palestinian land, the US alone refused. At a time when, to varying degrees, US-trained troops are being used against protesters challenging autocratic regimes that Washington has propped up for decades, the message telegraphed by Obama's first use of the US veto power at the UN was that his administration was still running to catch up with the new Middle East." (Lip service is all US pays in the drive for democracy, 21/2/11)

This, of course, was like a red rag to a bull for the The Australian, which, on the very next day in its Cut & Paste column, cited McGeough's opening sentence under this headline smear: United Nations Security Council fiddles while the Middle East keeps going up in flames: Somehow it always come [sic] down to the Jews.

This header is of interest in two respects. Firstly, it introduces us to the latest Zionist talking point - Hasn't the UN got more important things to focus on than Israeli settlements? - specifically designed to distract readers from the United State's grovelling subservience to Israeli colonialism. Secondly, its second half invokes the standard Zionist dogma that Israel= all Jews, with the sneaky implication that anti-Israel=anti-Semitism. Ergo, McGeough is an anti-Semite.


Now would it surprise you greatly if The Australian's Mini-Me, The Australian Jewish News, was echoing the exact same point, even down to the same wording:

"All over the Middle East, reports of Arab governments responding to anti-government protests with live gunfire have been flowing in for days, and what did the United Nations Security Council tackle first on the agenda last Friday? Why, naturally: Jewish construction in Jerusalem and the West Bank... To witness the international body fiddling over the Palestinian agenda while the Arab street burns raises profound questions about the core values of the organisation" (UN-believable, 25/2/11)

PS: 'Libya burns while UN fiddles' - The title of The Australian's 28/2/11 editorial.

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