Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Are All Tunisians

"New TV's reporter, Ibrahim Dsouki, wrote this on Facebook: 'Ali Abdullah Salih says: Yemen is not Egypt or Tunisia. Qadhafi says: Libya is not Egypt or Tunisia. Mubarak said: Egypt is not Tunisia. You fools: the entire Arab world is Tunisia!'" (angryarab.blogspot.com, 21/2/11)

Even China is Tunisia: "Several top Chinese rights activists have disappeared into police custody as a web campaign urged angry citizens to mark the Middle East's 'Jasmine Revolution' with protests, campaigners say... Authorities have sought to restrict media reports on the recent political turmoil that began in Tunisia as the 'Jasmine Revolution' and spread to Egypt and across the Middle East." (Activists disappear as Beijing cracks down on copycat protests, AFP/AP, Sydney Morning Herald, 21/2/11)

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brian said...

"This man (Gaddafi) helped us at a time when we were all alone, when those (Britain and the US) who say we should not come here (Libya) were helping the enemy."
Nelson Mandela, 1997

From Aljazeera:
Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, has warned that the widespread attacks against civilians "amount to crimes against humanity", and called for an international investigation in possible human rights violations.
Witnesses in Tripoli told Al Jazeera that fighter jets had bombed portions of the city in fresh attacks on Monday night. The bombing focused on ammunition depots and control centres around the capital.
Helicopter gunships were also used, they said, to fire on the streets in order to scare demonstrators away.

In other words the reports of aerial attacks on civilians has been GREATLY exaggerated!