Friday, February 4, 2011

You Won't Have Mubarak to Kick Around Anymore...

Hallelujah, I've seen the light! I take back all those terrible things I wrote about Mubarak. The Australian's Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, prince of foreign editors, has wised me up and put me on the right track at last. Now I know Mubarak's hardly a serious contender for the mad, bad & dangerous to know award. He's just a naughty boy, a bit of a bumbler, quite sweet really. And here's the science to prove it:

"Compared with Iran, Egypt and Tunisia were relatively liberal. In Iran the regime was capable of bludgeoning, raping and killing large numbers of its citizens to stay in power, and willing to do so. Iran is an ideological, totalitarian regime. Egypt and Tunisia are ramshackle authoritarian regimes." (Arab awakening or dawn of dark age, 3/2/11)

Nothing ramshackle about that of course!

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