Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bucking the Zionist Dybbuk

Isi Leibler misdiagnoses Malcolm Fraser:

"I retain fond memories of my genuinely warm association with Malcolm Fraser when he was prime minister and I headed the Australian Jewish community. Our relationship was based on shared values and my appreciation for his inestimable assistance on behalf of Soviet Jewry, ensuring that, while I was in Moscow, the Australian embassy provided support for my efforts on behalf of Jewish dissidents. I also recollect that in those days he was enthralled with Israel and he would spend hours discussing and enthusiastically lauding the achievements of the Jewish state. In Jewish mystical folklore we relate to a dybbuk - a malevolent spirit capable of dramatically transforming a person's entire outlook. I am tempted to attribute Malcolm Fraser's dramatic reversal of attitude to a dybbuk. In his recent Age column [It's now time for the West to recognise Palestinian statehood, 4/10/11], Fraser repeated his now standard portrayal of Israelis as villains and Palestinians as noble underdogs." (Israel loses an old friend in Fraser & we long for his return, The Age, 5/10/11)

You've got it the wrong way around, Isi.

If your recollection of Fraser's alleged past enthusiam for Israel is correct, I'd say he's since managed to shrug off the grip of the malign Zionist dybbuk that once had him in its thrall. Good on him. Maybe he could help you with your problem.

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Anonymous said...

As an old rigger at the Caltex Oil refinery told me many years ago, I think he was talking about the crane driver, "even a stopped clock is right twice a day".

Who knows, it might even apply to the old professional Libeler himself,one day.