Saturday, October 8, 2011

False Messiah

"A grassroots campaign sponsored by Labor's Left to wrest control of the party from so-called faceless men and deliver power back to its membership will begin in Canberra today... The Left-sponsored charge is being led by Leichhardt councillor Darcy Byrne, who said 'deep-seated reform' was needed if Labor 'wants to be around for another 100 years'." (Labor Left launches 'renewal' campaign, Lauren Wilson & Milanda Rout, The Australian, 7/10/11)

Awesome! And Darcy Byrne's leading the charge. Cool... but is Darcy fair dinkum? Is he the new Labor Messiah come to raise Lazarus from its coma?

Well, there's only way to find out. Has he passed the Palestine test? Let's see:

"Recently Marrickville Council... has [sic] made itself a laughing stock through its attempt to implement a costly and inflammatory boycott against Israel. It was reported recently that this brief dalliance with foreign policy is going to cost ratepayers almost $4 million. The irony of a 'progressive' council spending millions replacing Israeli, [sic] Hewlett-Packard computers while sacking blue collar workers and cutting childcare for disadvantaged kids is lost on the Greens. This approach of running local governments as a clearing house for undergraduate political causes could easily be dismissed as the wacky pursuits [sic] of student politicians who never grew up.. But it's more sinister than that..." (The new Greens - just another political party? Darcy Byrne, The Drum, 18/4/11)


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