Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Text & Subtext

"Shalit's five-year ordeal at an end," reads the headline on the front page of today's Australian.

The Palestinian people's 94-year ordeal still going strong.

"A young man taken prisoner by militants while protecting a country he loves, and two ordinary, devoted parents who never gave up fighting for his release - for 5 long years, the Gilad Shalit story has been etched deeply into the Israeli consciousness," reads the opening paragraph of One family's joy is heartache for victims of terrorism by the Herald's Middle East correspondent Ruth Pollard.

Thousands of young Palestinian men and women taken prisoner by a brutal and heavily-armed occupation force while resisting the invasion and colonisation of their homeland, and tens of thousands of ordinary, devoted grandparents, parents, wives, husbands, siblings and children who never gave up hoping for their release (despite having no international PR campaign at their disposal*), the story of Palestine's political prisoners has been etched deeply into the Palestinian consciousness (but is all but ignored by our deeply racist, colonialist and thoroughly Zionist news media).

[*See Massive publicity campaign helped secure Israeli soldier's release, The Washington Post, 18/10/11]


Anonymous said...


you have 56 arab countries. choose one and move your ass there.

Go and start writting about the human rigths in iran and gaza..

stop enjoying the aussie freedom if you cant aprecciate it.


MERC said...

Looking on the bright side, yes anonymous shouts, and can't count or spell or punctuate, but hey, at least he's polite!