Saturday, October 22, 2011

Class of 2011

Three of the 5 polliewaffles on the latest Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) Rambam Israel Fellowship tour recently sat their IBTIT! (I've Been To Israel Too!*) exams at an AIJAC luncheon. Needless to say, they passed with flying colours:

Amanda Rishworth, Labor MP for Kingston: "Rishworth said the trip was an amazing experience, and she was struck by the diversity in Israel and its vibrant democracy, as illustrated by the peaceful social protest movement, which she witnessed during her time there. The South Australian emphasised the importance of visiting Israel to understand its complexities. She said she was surprised by how small Israel is and how close it is to Lebanon and Gaza. She also said her trip enabled her to understand the vulnerability of Sderot, and that 'Israel is in a tough neighborhood'... Regarding peace efforts, Rishworth says she believes peace is only possible through bilateral negotiations and that the Palestinians now needed to come to those negotiations." (Pollies' Israel adventure, The Australian Jewish News, 21/10/11)

AIJAC: Bravo, Amanda! You've mastered just about every cliche in the rambamming book. Excellent use our signature 'v' word and nice focus on Amalek. Bibi couldn't have put it better. Score: 9/10

"Queensland Labor Senator Mark Furner: "Furner said that he was shocked by the number of rocket attacks into Southern Israel from Gaza and the extensive network of bomb shelters that were required. He said he could not 'imagine what sort of stress, what sort of anxiety those residents of Sderot would be going through on a daily basis'... Senator Furner, a former union leader [NUW], said he believes what is needed in negotiating is 'genuine commitment that must be reciprocated by all the parties involved'." (ibid)

AIJAC: Point well made, Mark. Israeli stress. Israeli anxiety. Constant rain of Hamas rockets. But while you were at it, couldn't you have conjured up the prospect of a future Hezbollah firestorm over Northern Israel? Not to mention the inevitable blitzkrieg on Central Israel if - G-d forbid - Amalek ever get their blood-stained hands on a sliver of Judea and Samaria? Also, that genuine commitment stuff. We sincerely hope you're not implying equivalence with Amalek there, Mark. Score: 6/10

Tasmanian Labor Senator Catryna Bilyk: "Following a meeting with Palestinian Media Watch, Senator Bilyk said that as a mother, a politician and an early childhood educator she was deeply concerned by the brainwashing of Palestinian children by the Palestinian media and the tendency to treat Israelis as dispensible and disposable. Senator Bilyk said that the concept of brainwashing children 'planted seeds of war' and was 'child abuse'." (ibid)

AIJAC: Nice to see such focus, Catryna! Amalek blowing its nose on Israelis and casting them aside. We like it. And not a tissue of a lie either! The zombie spawn of Amalek programmed to snuff out our flickering Light Unto the Nations and righteously condemned as child abuse. Very forceful. Good work. 8/10

Deferred exams?: Nicholas Champion, MP for Wakefield; Geoffrey Lyons, MP for Bass.

[* See my 30/3/09 post I've Been to Israel too.]

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