Friday, October 7, 2011

Witches Brew 5

The Reverend Fred Nile of the openly Islamophobic Christian Democrats was practically beside himself in support of David Clarke's 15 September anti-BDS motion in the NSW Legislative Council. But first, he just had to say hello to his beaming mates sitting in the gallery:

"I also acknowledge the representatives of the Jewish Board of Deputies in the gallery and thank them for their support. Some members of the House are Jewish and I do not think the rest of us can fully comprehend the impact that an attack of this type would have on Jewish people. As a non-Jew, I wish to identify with the Jewish people at this time and sympathise with them for the strong feeling of revulsion that these types of campaigns cause in the hearts of every Jewish person."

Now for those who don't already know, Fred's got quite a track record when it comes to Jews (Good!) and Muslims (Bad! Really, really baaad!). He's the guy reportedly behind the virulent opposition to a Muslim school in Camden in Sydney's south-west (Nile party behind anti-Muslim school rally, Wendy Frew, SMH, 21/12/07); whose election slogans have included 'No nukes for Iran - we must defend Israel', and 'Ten-year moratorium on Muslim immigration'. (Nile raises crusade in by-election, Imre Salusinszky, The Australian, 6/11/09); whose campaign manager's son, CDP member Douglas Darby, was caught out sending emails telling Muslims, whom he claimed "habitually engage in child molestation, incest [and] pack rape," to "obey the laws of this country or f..k off to Afghanistan where Australians are allowed to shoot you people." (Obscene anti-Muslim emails put Nile on the defensive, Sean Nicholls, SMH, 21/11/09); and who thought so highly of a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he actually read it out in the NSW Parliament (Long may Israel live!,, 22/6/11)

But, to really get a deeper insight into CDP 'thinking', especially on the subject of Israel, the potted bio of Fred's Parliamentary Secretary, Judith (Judy) Russell, at is hard to beat:

"Judy is the great granddaughter of Maud & Donald McBean, Donald being a Light Horseman... who saw service in Palestine (now Israel) in 1917, in particular Beer Sheba. Judy's delight in knowing her great grandfather was involved in the liberation of Jerusalem from Ottoman rule, thus paving the way for the rebirth of Israel in 1948, enhances her zeal and love for Israel and the continuing covenants all made by God with Israel. Judy has had 4 tours of Israel and looks forward to others, as the Lord leads. Her tours are specifically tailored to see what the Lord is doing today in Israel and interacting with the Jewish people... Judy has a passion for the Scriptures and in particular seeing the Lord's prophetic plans come to pass. Through her private studies she has found the entire Bible is a love story between God and His chosen people, Israel. The Church, born after the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, had to wait until Acts 10 where the gentiles were grafted into the Jewish root, via the precious blood of our Jewish Messiah. Judy gives thanks and praise to God for placing her in the strategic position in the NSW Parliament. It is with gratitude to Rev Fred and Hon Elaine Nile whose dedication and faithfulness opened the way for the CDP to have a place in the NSW Parliament that we have such opportunities to host so many Christian, pro Israel functions and activities."

Whether Fred & Co think we're all on the road to Armageddon (tellingly a question no journalist or researcher that I'm aware of has ever bothered asking) I don't know, but if Judy's theological musings and rambles among the chosen don't set off the warning signs, I don't know what will. Anyway, I digress. Back to Fred's speech:

"I believe that we should not be in any way tolerant of this campaign but reject it absolutely and stop it in its tracks. It is a most evil activity and one that should not be tolerated. I mentioned in my adjournment speech what happened in Germany. Probably, in some people's minds, they were just watching stormtroopers standing outside various businesses that were owned by Jewish people, stopping customers from entering those shops. The Nazis tested public opinion and, when there was no reaction, they moved to the next stage of closing those shops, smashing shop windows and so on. Then we had what the Nazis regarded as the final solution, which was taking Jewish people to concentration camps and removing them from the face of the Earth. That was the end of their campaign. We cannot be tolerant of even the smallest beginnings of this anti-Semitic campaign."

Stone the crows! You have landed on Max Brenner. Go straight to the Final Solution.

On the anti-BDS smear and loathing scale (see my 13/9/11 post Smear & Loathing), that'd only require references to lampshades made of human skin and soap from body fat to make it a ten-out-of-ten smear. And this clown draws a taxpayer-funded salary of over $233,000!

There is no God.

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