Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bob Carr Gets the Thumbs Up

He may have blotted his copybook in 2003 and baulked at bombing the Iranians in his blog, but, fingers crossed, we can't really complain:

Zionist Federation of Australia:

"ZFA president Philip Chester said it was unfair to judge his stance on [Iran]. 'There are lots of arguments for and against pre-emptive strikes [on Iran], including in Israel as well', he said. 'I think the important point at this stage is does he understand the grave risk that Iran represents to Israel and the world, [and] basically, I think he does'. Chester described Carr as a 'champion of human rights and democracy'. 'I think overall he brings a lot of knowledge and understanding to the table', he said." (Carr warns against Iran attack, The Australian Jewish News, 9/3/12)

Executive Council of Australian Jewry:

"'Bob Carr has a long record of support for Israel and the cause of democracy and human rights. He was a founder of Labor Friends of Israel in the 1970s, campaigned actively for the freedom of Soviet Jews, and has been an outspoken champion of Israel's right to exist in peace and security', said ECAJ's president, Dr Danny Lamm." (ibid)

Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council:

"AIJAC executive director Dr Colin Rubinstein applauded Carr's long association with the Jewish community and record of support for Israel. 'AIJAC's positive working relationship with him goes back to the time before he was in Parliament, when he was an outstanding journalist and Labour Council activist', he said. 'We trust he will be an effective colleague to Prime Minister Gillard in furthering the government's policies in a range of areas, including maintaining the primacy of the Australia/US alliance, opposition to the dishonest and damaging Palestinian campaign for unilateral recognition of statehood, and the imperative of preventing Iran acquiring nuclear weapons', he said." (ibid)

The Australian Jewish News:

"A controversial blemish on his Israel record occurred when, as NSW premier, he presented the Sydney Peace Prize to Palestinian politician and activist Dr Hanan Ashrawi in 2003, but this has been far outweighed by his positive words and deeds. This made it that more surprising to read on his personal blog recently... that he strongly disagrees with a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities... Consolation can be taken from a Sunday Age interview with Carr from last weekend, which stated that 'views he held as a 'freewheeling private citizen' should be 'set aside' for the 'more precise' views he will now express on behalf of the nation'. Carr's predecessor Kevin Rudd ultimately was unable to keep his personal views out of Australia's foreign policy debate. Let's hope Carr fares better." (Editorial: The world according to Carr, 9/3/12)

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