Monday, March 19, 2012

Emails & Emails

This just doesn't add up:

"As the international community struggled to absorb the bloodiest episode yet in Syria's brutal crackdown in Homs, Bashar al-Assad was in Damascus composing a private email to his wife [Asma], according to a cache of what appear to be emails from the Syrian first couple obtained by The Guardian." (President sent iTunes to wife while Syria burned, Robert Booth & Luke Harding, The Guardian/Sydney Morning Herald, 16/3/12)

I mean Bashar's an Arab, right? So his wife couldn't possibly be out shopping BY HERSELF in Europe, could she? I mean who's Bashar going to smack around every night if Asma's off in Europe? It just doesn't make sense. You know what? I reckon The Guardian's been hoaxed.

Yet, there are emails and there are emails, know what I mean? The following email, from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Syrian president, I can vouch for, coming as it does from the Syrian opposition and leaked to that most reputable of news sources The Angry Arab News Agency:

'Habibi Bashar, Let's face it, you and I and Nasrallah are all just a bunch of terrorists. Yes, and I have a nuclear bomb and deserve to be bombed by NATO. Oh, and we both killed Hariri. Oh, and we're also behind September 11. Cheers, Mahmoud'.

Now, if this isn't the SMOKING GUN we all need to wipe Iran, Syria and Lebanon off the map, I don't know what is.

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