Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Contrary to Rumours...

David Flint is an emeritus professor of law:

"It took only one day for [Bob] Carr to demonstrate his weakness for the grand theatrical gesture, and for the most transparent spin. Having unwisely decided that his tete-a-tete with Graham Richardson should be broadcast, and on the basis of musings by one Papua New Guinea minister about a possible delay in the elections there, he said he would consider the most powerful attack on a foreign country short of a declaration of war - international sanctions. But it wasn't Iran or Syria, it was a friendly country." (Grand theatrical gestures are no way to conduct foreign policy, The Australian, 26/3/12)

I wasn't aware that either Iran or Syria had ever said 'boo' to Australia, let alone achieved the status of enemies of this country, but then I'm not an emeritus professor of law.

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