Saturday, March 24, 2012

With Flying Colours

I wasn't worried. I always knew that when push came to shove Bob would pass his Australia/America 101 exam with flying colours:

"Bob Carr has had his first meeting as Foreign Affairs Minister with a senior official of the Obama administration, reassuring Washington he is 'a great friend of the US', the official said. Some of Mr Carr's earlier writings raised eyebrows in Washington over his commitment to the US in the face of China's competing claim for attention. But after 2 hours of talks in Sydney yesterday, the US official Kurt Campbell said there had been 'no points of disagreement'. 'He listened carefully, he took a lot of advice, I felt very good about it', Dr Campbell told the Herald." (Carr assures US official of friendly intentions, Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald, 24/3/12)

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Peter D said...

Ever since Whitlam, Labor leaders have known that they must vigorously prostrate themselves before the Americans at the outset. Hawke fell over himself to convince them that he wasn't going to be another Whitlam (Whitlam having made the mistake of thinking that he could at least publicly pretend that Australia was a sovereign nation).

Everything's gone awry since those times, obviously. Nothing you don't already know, MERC.