Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Young & the Limbless

Until today, I thought I'd heard just about every Zionist lie and misrepresentation ever uttered on the subject of the supposed awfulness of the Palestinian people.

But I was wrong.

It seems that, in its unrelenting demonisation of its historic victims, the Zionist mind is always capable of some new, ever more fantastic twist.

What follows is a letter in the current (30/3) issue of The Australian Jewish News from Jon Sackville of Caulfield, Victoria, who heard from a friend who heard from a friend who... Get the picture? OK, I'll leave it at that. Mr Sackville's letter speaks for itself:

"I was surprised that in my letter kindly printed in last week's AJN (23/03), a method used to obtain funds by cutting off limbs from children and seeking compensation from the Israeli government was omitted, probably due to disbelief.

"I also find it beyond belief, but a few years ago, a Jewish Australian was in Israel on business and was asked by a colleague to accompany her to Gaza to visit her boyfriend, a doctor working in a hospital there. Both of them were non-Jews.

When it was mentioned that it was a tragedy that tiny children had missing limbs, the doctor said, 'They cut limbs off their children, blame Israeli attacks and get compensation from the Israelis'.

"The doctor didn't know the Australian was Jewish and had no reason to lie. He was disgusted by these actions.

"I really feel it is important for the world to see who we are dealing with and if the story I suggested last week could be made into a short film on DVD, with the right backing, it could be distributed to many thousands of people by letter drop or millions on the internet."

Yes, Jon, what a great idea!

I can see it now, The Young & the Limbless, a real little schlock-horror gem in the 'children overboard' mold:

'Shit, broke again! Let's see now, which of the kids will it be this time? Strewth, I've already lopped one arm off each. Guess I'll have to start on the legs. Hmm... how about little Ahmad? Always running around getting into mischief that one. A logical choice, I reckon. And a real win-win: not only do I get to milk those dumb Israelis for a tidy sum but the little bugger's not running around getting into trouble anymore! Leila, go and find Ahmad for me while I sharpen the machete? There's a girl'.

Maybe Spielberg could be persuaded to come to the party on this one?

But seriously now, how can a paper as distinguished as the AJN publish such rubbish? Surely, surely the readers aren't going to stand for it? I for one can't wait for next week's reader backlash on the letters pages.* Look out, Mr Sackville!

But wait a minute.

I guess if you're the kind of reader brought up on Golda Meir's little ditty - 'Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us' - you'll swallow anything.

*PS(6/4/12):Backlash? What backlash? As I thought, there's not a whisper about Sackville's letter in the latest (6/4) issue of The AJN.

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