Friday, March 8, 2013

Baillieu Suffers Judeo-Christian Mugging

How ironic that Israel-loving, BDS-hating Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu should be mugged by Judeo-Christianity:

"At the last known residence of Geoff Shaw, two large, leaping Rottweillers greet you at the gate. His ex-wife Sally, who says she hasn't seen the MP for two years, gestured to the dogs. 'They're for him,' she told The Australian by way of explanation. She says it is a relief he is no longer part of her life. Some time in the future, Victoria's Coalition government may feel the same way following Mr Shaw's announcement he has divorced the Liberals and is starting a new political life... Mr Shaw was elected in the 2010 poll... Not long after, he gained attention for a maiden speech laced with Biblical references. In apparent mockery of the acknowledgement of traditional owners, Mr Shaw began his speech: 'In taking my place in the Legislative Assembly it is appropriate for me to acknowledge the original owner of the land on which we stand - God, the creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the Bible.' He went on to quote from the Book of Proverbs, John Howard and Norman Schwarzkopf, declaring: 'I am glad to be here as part of the new Coalition government that knows the difference between righteousness and self-righteousness.'... A father and fierce pentecostal, Mr Shaw was once a regular visitor to Mr Baillieu's office, where he would decry the evil of abortion and call for new laws to further restrict the practice. Having politely refused to yield on that point... Mr Baillieu will rue the day he opened his door." (Divorced for the second time, Shaw remains mum on support, Chip Le Grand, The Australian, 7/3/13)

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Anonymous said...

Geoff Shaw is a Pentecostalist.Pentecostalism is in fact a form of Voodoo, a form of demonic possession. Despite many dismissals, possession is a pathology. The Pentecostal Glossolalia is a form of schizophrenia and has nothing to do with the Christian "Speaking in tongues of the Apostles".