Friday, March 8, 2013

Gillard's Near Death Experience in Punchbowl

"The Prime Minister had just talked to a select group of community leaders in Punchbowl about the criminal shooting sprees in western Sydney... And she'd sailed through the few real western Sydney residents who happened to be there with a quick handshake and 'hello', not pausing for more than a couple of seconds except where she could hug a cute kid for the camera. Then, as she went to her car, a woman in traditional Islamic dress came up to her, with a young child in her arms." (Mother brings a sense of reality to Gillard's tour, Ean Higgins, The Australian, 7/3/13)

Oh no! St Wilders, protect our Julia from the Mooslim menace with the ticking demographic time bomb in her arms! Of course, Gillard wouldn't turn to St Wilders even if her life depended on it! More fool her, say I. Far out! The silly cow didn't miss a beat and just carried on blissfully unaware of the danger to life and limb:

"Sensing no danger, Ms Gillard engaged Rima Hussayni with a 'hello', and her 15-month-old daughter with a tickle."

Jeeesus, where was the PM's security? That baby, with taqiyya in its very DNA, was only pretending to be a cute baby. My God, the little bugger could have exploded in Gillard's face!

"Ms Hussayni just happened to be in the area and decided to take the biggest single concern in her life to where the buck should stop. Her daughter, she quietly and calmly told Ms Gillard, had global developmental delay, but the early intervention services were sadly lacking in the city's west."

Seriously now, just happened to be in the area? Puh-lease! These Mooslims are not what you think! This woman was more likely on a reconnoitering mission for the jihadi hordes which lurk in every nook and cranny of the Punchbowl area. And as for that global developmental delay business, St Bernardi wouldn't have fallen for that one!

OMG, how clueless is Julia Gillard?!

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