Sunday, March 3, 2013

Made For Each Other

Poet, essayist and broadcaster Clive James, 73, who still calls Australia home, speaks to Dwight Garner of The New Republic:

DG: Do you regret supporting the invasion of Iraq?

CJ: Not at all. I thought invading Iraq, when Saddam Hussein was running it, was the thing to do. It didn't turn out very well. It could have been handled better. It sure could. Hussein was running a regime beyond evil. It was awful. What have you got to do with places like that? We're facing exactly the same dilemma now with Syria."

(Up late with Clive James, Dwight Garner, The New Republic/The Australian, 2/3/13)

Gayle Quinnell, 75, of Shakopee, Minesotta, who earlier this year told Republican presidential wannabe John McCain at a campaign rally that Barack Hussein Obama was an Arab, speaks to the media:

GQ: I went to the library in Shakopee and I got lots of... three pages of information about Obama.
Noah Kunin (The UpTake): Just to be sure we got your quote OK, you called Obama an Arab terrorist?

GQ: Pardon?

NK: You called him an Arab terrorist. Is that correct? Why do you think he's an Arab?

GQ: Because his dad is...

Female reporter: His dad is Muslim... Barack Obama has never been a Muslim.

GQ: No but he's...

Dana Bash (CNN): He's a Christian.

GQ: He's not an Arab either, he's a...

DB: His father was a Muslim and he's a Christian.

GQ: Yeah, but he's still got Muslim in him... I got all the stuff from the library and I could send you all kinds of stuff on him...

(McCain responds to 'Arab' epithet at rally: 'Obama a decent family man, The Huffington Post, 2/3/13)

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Anonymous said...

Americans have clearly an intellectual deficit. If Senator Chris Smith,the author of the Magnitsky Bill, which allows the US to deny entry visas to Russian officials, cannot understand the causal relation between his authorship of the Bill and the recent refusal by Russia of an entry visa, what can you expect from an"ordinary" American?