Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Conspicuous By His Absence

Now here's an elephant in a room for you - even if it is only a baby.

Murdoch journalist Kate Legge's profile of the Prime Minister's partner Tim Mathieson* - aka the First Bloke - is a fascinating profile of the man.

Curiously, however, just about everyone under the sun gets a say on Mathieson except one - Zionist impresario Albert Dadon.

Mathieson's one-time employer and the mover and shaker behind such Ozraeli love-ins as the Australia-Israel Cultural Exchange, the Australia-Israel Leadership Dialogue and the Australia-Israel-UK Leadership Dialogue, frequented at different times by Gillard**, gets only this bare mention:

"Tim Mathieson has not been in paid work since 2009***, when Melbourne property developer and Labor benefactor Albert Dadon put him briefly on the payroll selling luxury apartments." (Man about the house, The Weekend Australian Magazine, 9-10/3/13)

Why is this so? Was Dadon contacted? Did he decline to be interviewed? (If so, why not mention it?) Or did a little birdy tell Legge not to go there? For that matter, did she even need to be told?

[*See my posts A Job for the Boy (13/2/10), The PM, Her Manbag, His Employer & Their (Virtually Unremarked) Connection (28/6/10), Something Missing (22/9/10);**AICE - 2005, June 2009; AILF - December 2009;***Actually January-September 2010.]

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Anonymous said...

The zionist lobby wants to be known to those in power, and hidden from those who are governed.