Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alleged Journalists

"Labor has squibbed a Coalition challenge to toughen its opposition to the BDS campaign against Israel, possibly fearing retaliation from the academic community and Muslim voters." (ALP avoids hard line on BDS, The Australian, 30/5/13)

So begins Ean Higgins' latest 'report' in the Australian's ongoing crusade against the BDS movement in Australia.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, really.

That is until you come to a reference to Israel's "alleged oppression of Palestinians."

Talk about being reality averse! On a par, if you will, with 'alleged global warming'.

Higgins, of course, is one of the 'BDS SUX!' tag team over at News Ltd, the other being one, Christian Kerr.

Now as it happens, while Higgins was busy wielding the 'a' qualifier on Thursday, Kerr, presiding over the paper's political gossip column, Strewth!, was accusing the ABC of "bias" because it had used the "ideological qualifier" 'hardline' to describe Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, one of the panelists appearing on this Monday night's Q and A.

Fair dinkum, there's really no end to the hypocrisy of these two alleged journalists.

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