Sunday, June 23, 2013

Australia Post Issues Israeli Propaganda Stamps 3

While the precise origins of Australia's Israel stamps lie shrouded in mystery, we do at least know who was present at last month's launch:

1) The Max Brenner-slurping, BDS-bashing Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. Conroy, you'll remember, was one of only two ministers (the other was Bill Shorten) who supported PM Gillard when she wanted Australia to vote against Palestine getting observer status at the UN last year.* As the report on the launch put it: "The official release Friday in the office of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy celebrates the friendship between Australia and the Zionist enterprise that has endured since the battle." (Australia, Israel commemorate 1917 battle with joint stamp, 10/5/13)

2) Israel's Ambassador Yuval Rotem, who "noted the friendships forged between Australian soldiers and Jewish residents amid the 1917 battle." (ibid) Amid the battle!

3) Australia Post's managing director Ahmed Fahour, who said: "The Battle of Beersheba is something close to the hearts of both Israelis and Australians and was a clear choice to feature on the stamp issue." (ibid)

[*See my 28/11/12 post The Powerlessness of One, which also contains a killer quote on Conroy from The Latham Diaries.]


Anonymous said...

It must have been a very leisurely and even friendly battle for the Australian troops to be socializing, out in the desert while their horses were thirsting for water "AMID the battle", with the local "Jewish residents".

Just like ships passing in the night.
I can hear echoes from the past,

Australian Soldiers to huddled Jewish masses..."G'day mate, we are here to drive out the Turks AND the locals and create a Jewish-Ethno state,for the mass migration to come"

Huddled Jewish masses to Australian Soldiers..." have you ever thought of a career in politics?"

Anonymous said...

If the definition of an ambassador is...

"a man of virtue sent to lie abroad for his country"

and a news-writer is...

"a man without virtue who lies at home for himself".

Henry Wootton Sr., English Author & Diplomat, 1568-1639.

How can we describe Senator Conroy?
and what is his excuse?