Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Devil Made Them Do It

"Forces loyal to the Syrian regime are slicing through the heart of the rebel stronghold in Homs, spurring the opposition to brutal tactics it once condemned and pushing the country towards irretrievable sectarian violence." (Rebels desperate as regime forces gain upper hand, Sam Dagher, The Wall Street Journal/The Australian, 12/6/13)

The gospel according to Murdoch:

Before and until the government's push to retake Homs "the opposition" were perfect angels, in no way brutal or sectarian. Ever.

After it, doubtless with gloved hands, pegged noses, and a doleful 'This is gonna hurt us more than it hurts you', they simply had no choice but to go there.  Dinkum!

Did they, I wonder, like Israel's vaunted 'Defence' Forces, shoot first and cry afterwards?

Of course!

How could you possibly think otherwise?

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Patrick Harrison said...

A more balanced perspective than either the Australian's pro-Israel chorus or knee-jerk Assad apologism, from revolutionaries inside Syria: