Saturday, June 29, 2013

Arab Idiot

You've probably all heard of Arab Idol winner, 24-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Assaf, but if there's ever a contest for Arab Idiot, here's the guy I'll be putting my money on:

"Ahmed Mesleh, a 28-year-old blogger from the West Bank town of Ramallah, says he met Shiites on a trip to Lebanon and encounters them via Facebook. But some have de-friended him because of his online comments. 'If we take Shiites from a religious point of view, then we can describe [them] as a sect that has gone astray from the true doctrine of Islam. I consider them a bigger threat to Muslims and Islam than Jews and Israel,' Mesleh said. He cited the Shiites processions mourning Hussein's death, saying: 'The way they whip themselves, it's irrational.' The Middle East conflict 'is in its core a religious conflict. The Shiites want to destroy Islam. In Lebanon, they are the ones controlling the situation, and the ones who are causing the sectarian conflict'." (Hatred between Sunnis, Shiites abounds in Mideast, Lee Keath, AP, 7/5/13)


Anonymous said...

How do we know "Ahmed" doesn't really come from Tel Aviv and is called Abe?

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Idiot for what you wrote about me , it is nice by the way because you don't know me or much about me and you think you are smart go ahead, and am so happy that am effected very between my people.
Ahmad Mesleh

Anonymous said...

Ah - MAD.

Makes some sense.

MERC said...

Assuming you are who you purport to be, I find it incomprehensible that a Palestinian of all people could a) find another group of Arabs more threatening than those who have occupied and colonized his land; and b) think that the Middle East conflict (aka the Arab/Israeli conflict) is really all about religion.

Anonymous said...

I will be curious what is Ahmad's opinion about the treatment of Christians by his coreligionists. Beheadings and kidnappings don't move him at all?