Thursday, July 18, 2013

Done & Dusted

"The man who plans to be Australia's next immigration minister has re-embraced the 1970s term 'integration' [and] raised the prospect of a series of English-test 'barriers' to attaining citizenship..." ([Scott] Morrison harks to 'integration', Rick Feneley, The Age, 18/7/13)

Seriously now, has this bloke led a sheltered life out there in The Shire or what? Integration's been with us for yonks, as this now 8-year-old letter to the Sydney Morning Herald clearly testifies:

"I recently shared a footpath with a young woman wearing the hijab. A young man (of Middle Eastern appearance) made a suggestive remark. She replied: 'Go f... yourself,' and then lit a cigarette. How much more integrated can you get?" Gary Stowe, Springwood (1/3/06)

Scott, mate, put down the Greg Sheridan and get out a bit more, OK?

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