Saturday, July 6, 2013

Egypt: Life-Support System for a Treaty

The following two sentences from the Australian's July 5 editorial on the fall of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi encapsulate the only real importance Egypt and its people have for USrael and its client states:

"Egypt is of immense strategic importance. The 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty maintained by Mr Morsi forms the bedrock of peace in the Middle East.* Any descent into further chaos would doubtless place such treaty commitments at risk." (True democracy must now prevail for people of Egypt: Stability & security crucial in wake of the Arab Spring)

This treaty, brokered by US President Jimmy Carter in the wake of the Arab-Israeli war of 1973, explains the following otherwise strange American behaviour:

"The Obama administration has stopped short of calling the events of the past week a coup because of the implications that would have for the $US1.3 billion in conditional aid that flows to the Egyptian armed forces each year." (Egypt remains an uneasy nation under guard, Jason Koutsoukis, Sydney Morning Herald, 6/7/13)

For USrael and its clients (including Australia), the replacement of Morsi by Mansour matters little so long as the treaty with Israel is preserved.

For them, Egypt is merely a life-support system for a treaty.
[*For a backgrounder on this issue, see my posts A Likud Peace (15/2/09) and That Peace Treaty... (9/2/11).]

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Anonymous said...

A life-support system for the continued repression and blockade of the captive civilian population of Gaza, despite the provisions of the Geneva Conventions.

Of course Australia will continue to look the other way and ignore international law when the bandit state is at bat.