Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Joe Hockey: My Palestinianity is Firmly Under Control

Seriously head-shaking stuff:

"The Hockey* life story is one of the more textured of an Australian public figure and bears re-telling for what it reveals about a more complex individual than might seem to be the case on an affable surface. Of Palestinian-Armenian origin (his paternal grandmother was Palestinian); grandfather, who deserted the family, was Armenian) Hockey is the product of a marriage between Richard Hokeidonian and Beverly Little... Richard had dropped the 'donian' part of his name when he migrated to Australia in 1948 to get away from turmoil in the Middle East. He named his youngest child Joseph Benedict out of gratitude to former Labor Prime Minister Joseph Benedict Chifley. Hockey's Palestinian connection has been tricky for him over the years, given his own party's tilt towards Israel. He does not deny his heritage. He has Palestinian and Armenian friends, but Hockey's Sydney and Canberra milieu is far removed from a conflict on the other side of the world. 'It's my culture. It's my heritage. It helps to define me. But it doesn't control me,' he says. He describes, nevertheless, an emotional reaction after visiting a Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza in 1998 with his father. 'We walked through the refugee camp where you'd had 3 generations living in a room 2 metres by 2 metres. It was very emotional because there I was with my father, and there but for the grace of God I could've been.' Could it be the Palestinian loss of patrimony has something to do with Hockey's desire to own a piece of Australian countryside? He describes his 200-hectare cattle property in the Atherton Tablelands behind Cairns... as his reality check." (No more Mr Sunrise, Tony Walker, Financial Review Magazine, August 2013)

Don't you just love the sentence: "Richard... migrated to Australia in 1948 to get away from the turmoil in the Middle East."

Shhh... don't mention the NAKBA!

And don't you just love how, while your Danbys and Frydenbergs have no qualms about flaunting their Zionism, Joe Hockey keeps his Palestinianity firmly under control?

[*For my readers overseas, Joe Hockey is Australia's shadow treasurer.]


Anonymous said...

What a joke. Palestinianity? Find something more constructive to blog about, or go and live on an organic farm. Loser

MERC said...

Hey, Winner, I imagine you'd feel the same way about 'Jewish heritage' and 'aboriginality'?

Anonymous said...

Good read. Interesting insight, love your work!

P.S not sure what other commenter is on about..Probably a zionist hah!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said
As a ben armenian we are shame of him . the way he react he has no mercy for poors.He better lern to be humble for others.not to smoke cigar front of camera and talk about packet of cigaret and
beer cost.very unprofecional HAH

Anonymous said...

may be $ 7.00 it is big money for others . stop spending tax payers money for US dinner.and stop picking Australians.HA HA HA....

Michael said...

My uncle was married to Joe's grandmothers sister. Reading some of the above comments only emphasises the loss of intellectual capability of the people making the comments. They kow nothing.