Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In Yesterday's Herald...

Two nail-on-the-head letters from yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald:

"Australians are weary of boat people coming in their thousands. A problem can be solved only if its root cause can be identified. Boat people are the direct result of the war on terrorism unleashed for spurious reasons on the people of the Middle East by the US and its allies, including Australia. We have torched their homes, burnt their fields, bombed their villages and towns, and killed and maimed countless thousands. People who escaped death and devastation have arrived here with no possessions. We created these boat people; we cannot evade our responsibilities to them. We had a similar situation during the Vietnam War. We created hundreds of thousands of refugees; many of them arrived here by boat. Apparently we have not learned the lesson from that war. The only way to stop boat people coming is to call off the war on terrorism, and help rebuild the countries ravaged by war. And vow never to follow the US into another war on false grounds." Bill Mathew, Parkville (Vic)

"Three young men died as a result of Labor's faulty insulation program. Rudd has apologised to their families but the opposition is demanding all information available about the issue. I don't remember John Howard, Tony Blair or George Bush apologising to the parents of the young men and women (not to forget the Iraqis) who lost their lives in a flawed and, to many, illegal invasion of Iraq. In fact, they all claim it was the best thing to do. Tell that to the Iraqi people who are still dying in great numbers and whose country has been left in ruins. Maybe these three should release all the information and warnings they received before their internationally condemned invasion. Many believe Howard, Bush and Blair should face war crimes charges for their actions. The least they could offer is an apology." William Bielefeldt, Kembla Grange

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