Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home Angel, Street Devil

In an opinion piece in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald, Kevin Rudd's former international aid adviser, Daniel Street, had this to say of his former boss:

"Rudd's only interests were the needs of others, and particularly those living on the margins. Far from the cameras, and between a busy work schedule, it was edifying to see him carve out time to provide care and comfort to those who have no home." (Listening, caring Rudd has always been here to help)

What a pity then St Kevin didn't confine himself to running soup kitchens and offering free hugs in Australia's towns and cities, because when it comes to his foreign policy record, all I can remember of the first Rudd ministry is his charity work for those most wretched of the earth, the Israelis.


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of Greg [Jerusalem Prize] Sheridan.

Whenever I encounter Sheridan,in print or other media, the Jerusalem Prize nomenclature springs to mind.

So too with Kevin [Israel in my DNA]

Not to be outdone in superogation by Tony [we are all Israelis now]

Doesn't democracy offer Australians an abundance of choice?

MERC said...

You're definitely onto something here.

The Australian Jewish News of 5/7/13 quotes Bruce Wolpe, Gillard's officially appointed, taxpayer-funded liaison with the Jewish community (now sadly out of a job), as saying of his boss that "In her bones she has supported Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state."

So maybe, to remedy the ms media's relative failure to register the heady presence of Israeli pheromones in Australian politics, how about we adopt the following parenthetical reminders of same thus: Julia (Support for Israel is in her bones) Gillard has just been replaced as PM by Kevin (Support for Israel is in my DNA) Rudd. He in turn may end up being replaced for the top job by Tony (We are all Israelis now) Abbott, which should please Abbott's bestie in the media, Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan no end.