Friday, August 23, 2013

BDS Gets the Parramatta Council Treatment

Here's the latest attempt in Baruch O'Farrell's NSW to crack down on the basic human right to protest for Palestine:

"The Palestine Action Group (PAG) has decided to continue with a protest against Israeli Chocolateria chain, Max Brenner, in spite of threats by Parramatta Council of fines of over $2000. The demonstration, part of the global movement calling for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, was organized well in advance of the threat of fines being issued today. The PAG has been coordinating with the NSW Police, who are facilitating the demonstration. Lutfi Zayed, a Palestinian activist with PAG, was contacted today and threatened by Council staff to cancel the protest or be fined... Dale Mills, lawyer and researcher at Sydney University in law in the field of political protest, says: 'If this became established council practice in NSW it would be the end of the right to protest'." (From Media Release: Parramatta Council censors Palestine supporters, protesters defiant, August 17, 2013)

This threat follows O'Farrell's threat to sack Marrickville Council over its pro-BDS stance in 2011; an unsuccessful move by the NSW Police in the NSW Supreme Court to prevent last year's Nakba rally and march in the Sydney CBD; and, most recently, the initiation by Israeli lawfare outfit Shurat HaDin of a complaint in the Human Rights Commission against Associate Professor Jake Lynch of Sydney University.

A quick internet search on the subject of the Liberal Party-dominated (7) Parramatta Council (and the Liberal push more generally into the formerly rock-solid Labor heartland of Western Sydney) is a bit of an eye-opener:  

Herald journalist Kate McClymont's Backroom deals and ballot rigging - welcome to the NSW Liberals (30/7/12) contains much that should be of interest to those who think that Labor has a monopoly on 'colourful personalities', especially the references to state MP Tony Issa, dubbed 'the Graham Richardson of the Liberal Party', whose son, Steven Issa, is the Deputy Lord Mayor of Parramatta.

Worth a read too is Herald journalist Nicole Hasham's Cranes on the horizon for Parramatta's new Liberal mayor (28/9/12) for a profile of Mayor John Chedid. For an insight into the mayor's winning ways, you might also like to peruse 'Truly offensive': Lord Mayor accused of homophobia (Kristin Shorten,, 21/1/13).

Closer to the subject matter of this blog, you would of course be fascinated to learn that Liberal councillor Jean Pierre Abood is big on 'Judeo-Christian morality' ( Michael Conditsis,, 13/12/12).

And did you know that Parramatta Council has a sister city relationship with Beersheva, Israel?

Interesting place, Parramatta.

PS - 31/8/13: "A Parramatta council spokeswoman confirmed it would be taking action. 'The Palestinian [sic] Action Group were informed in writing in September 2012 in a letter from the CEO that they required permission from council to hold such activity,' she said. 'After council became aware of another planned protest on Saturday, 16 [sic] August, 2013, a letter was issued by the council to the Palestinian Action Group that once again explained the requirement... NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff said: 'The decision to impose punitive measures against the PAG is a matter for Parramatta Council'." (Council acts against anti-Israel group, Christian Kerr, The Australian)

No doubt Parramatta Council's offensive against the PAG came as a complete surprise to Mr Alhadeff.


Anonymous said...

Things not going too well for you merc?

It amazes me that with all your historical knowledge, you have thrown your lot in with a totally delusional wish list of having all jews of Israel leave .Why?
And where?

Your defence of Arab nationalism of the people now referred to as Palestinians since the early 60s(before 1948 it was meant as referring to the jews, as you know)is understandable , only in the context that there are TWO separate peoples who love and claim and live on the same land.

I believe in compromise-first, and mutual respect and acceptance of the others narrative as I would have my own respected.

You, and BDS do not.As Barghoutti has been quoted(author of BDS), "I do not look to an Israel living side by side with Palestine,but Palestine next to Palestine"--ie his way or the highway..........

and that is why you are spending so much time on a big loser.

This time the information you do not get from me is the information you would love so much to have.Happy elections!

MERC said...

Hm... sounds like Eli the Troll to me, but in the unlikely event it's not, here goes:

Who's deluded here? Please inform me where exactly in this blog I advocate Jewish Israelis leaving pre-1967 Palestine.

And as for compromise, how's this? The indigenous Arab inhabitants of the Land of Palestine are allowed to return to their homes and lands in pre-1967 Palestine, and the occupation of post-1967 Palestine is ended. In return, those Jewish Israelis wishing to stay and live at peace with their Palestinian Arab neighbours are free to do so.

Anonymous said...


You can't be that naive to believe that factual truth has any relevance for the hasbaric discourse.
Anonymus2 (definitely not Eli)

MERC said...

I know, I know, I should've just gone straight for the delete. You're right, these Zionist dead-enders are simply too far gone to waste even a nanosecond on. Next time, OK?