Thursday, August 1, 2013

'Quality Journalism' Alert

'Quality journalism' is a term that both wings of the corporate press love to trot out to describe just what it is that they are supposedly giving the reading public.

On July 27, it was Fairfax's turn to boast:

"The Herald believes Australians will always value quality journalism and keep supporting a business that has a long record in delivering it." (A proudly Australian voice will go on)

Then, the very next day, we're fed this undergraduate hahaha:

"The best minds in the past two centuries have worked their fingers to the bone to understand why the Middle East is such a hotbed of tensions. Master negotiators and highly respected diplomats have been unable to bring all the sides involved in the Middle East together at the peace table. The parties are like cats on hot tin roofs. Even President Obama and his high hat full of eloquence and white rabbits could not bring the sides together. Hostilities are at an all-time high. Earlier this year social scientists stumbled upon what could be the answer to the Middle East peace problem. The British Journal of Urology International published a research report that showed that circumcised men report less sexual sensitivity than their uncut counterparts... Suddenly, political and social scientists saw the underlying reasons for unrest and endless fighting in the Middle East. A solution was at hand to this unmade hotbed. Judaism and Islam use circumcision as part of their religious practices... Arabs and Jews are at each others' throats because, as the report revealed, uncircumcised men reported 'an average sensitivity score of 3.72 when they or their partner stroked the head of their manhood, compared to 3.31 among circumcised men'. Uncircumcised men reported more intense orgasms. It was little wonder why tempers flared so easily in the Middle East..." (Peace such a sensitive issue, Charles Waterstreet, The Sun-Herald)

Charles Waterstreet, Paul Sheehan, Gerard Henderson - quality journalism?  


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