Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So Worried About Eddie's Reputation

If Eddie Obeid isn't more careful with whom he associates, I swear it could seriously damage his reputation:

"'Immediately after he retired, was he a person of influence? Absolutely,' one senior Labor figure says. 'And that extended to the ninth floor [NSW Labor's head office in Sussex Street].' The clearest evidence of this was the deal Obeid cut with party officials when they were trying to convince him to leave Parliament. Obeid insisted that if he agreed to go, he should be replaced by Walt Secord - the former chief of staff to Kenneally and treasurer Eric Roozendaal." (The Godfather, Ane Davies & Sean Nicholls, The Sydney Morning Herald, 3/8/13)

"Labor's newest frontbencher Ron Hoenig has been forced to reveal he accepted a ticket to the NRL semi-finals from Eddie Obeid last September - a fortnight after being elected to parliament. The revelation is an embarrassment for the Opposition Leader John Robertson. He promised new standards for pecuniary interest register declarations by his MPs in the wake of the ICAC scandal and the first act of declaration has seen Mr Hoenig admit receiving a gift from Mr Obeid, who is facing accusations he was part of rigging a mine licence to benefit his family. Mr Hoenig, the opposition's ports and energy spokesman, confirmed yesterday he had been invited by Mr Obeid to the preliminary NRL final South Sydney played last year. 'I was invited by Eddie Obeid whether I'd like to accompany the Israeli ambassador to a South Sydney football game which I did,' Mr Hoenig said... 'I think he wanted a Jewish Labor party person to accompany the Israeli ambassador.'... Mr Hoenig's Obeid connection comes a day after The Sunday Telegraph revealed his son Ben was caught posting abuse and racist tirades on his Facebook page." (Eddie Obeid gave footy tickets as gift to new Labor MP Ron Hoenig, Andrew Clennell, The Daily Telegraph, 4/3/13)

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