Friday, February 21, 2014

From Sabra & Shatila to Manus Island

"Papua New Guinea locals employed by security guards at the Manus Island detention centre attacked asylum seekers with machetes, knives and rocks, an interpreter employed by the Australian Immigration Department has claimed." ('There was blood everywhere', Michael Gordon & Sarah White, Sydney Morning Herald, 20/2/14) 1)

Questions arising:

Is Tony Abbott Abbottoir's Menachem Begin? Is Scott Morrison Abbottoir's Ariel Sharon? Does the 'P' in PNG stand for Phalangist? Is Manus Island detention centre Australia's Sabra & Shatila?

Send in the clown:

"It's a mad world. The Iranian foreign ministry has summoned the Australian ambassador to protest the death of an Iranian asylum-seeker who in all likelihood was fleeing Iran's oppressive regime." (Letter to The Australian from George Fishman, Vaucluse, NSW, 20/2/14)

No, George, it's much more likely that he was fleeing an economy devastated by crippling anti-Iranian sanctions imposed by the US and its lackeys - including Abbottoir - at the urging of Israel.

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