Monday, February 24, 2014

Prisoner X: The Movie?

The ABC's Rafael Epstein, "who knew [Ben] Zygier from their shared time in Melbourne Zionist groups in the 1980s," has just published a book on the latter called Prisoner X, an edited extract of which appeared in Fairfax's GoodWeekend of 22/2/14.

Given that nowhere in the extract is there any kind of acknowledgment that Zygier, who was so damn drunk on Zionist Kool-Aid that he even joined the Mossad, was both the product and victim of a highly toxic ideological brew, I was bound to find it inadequate to say the least.  The following two references, however, really pissed me off:

1) "In mid-2008, he applied for an Australian government-funded loan to to help pay for a post-graduate management degree in Melbourne the following year" while "still receiv[ing] a salary from [Mossad]." ('The heart secret')

Oh great. Just great. A hopelessly deluded Australian Muslim who goes to Syria for a scrap loses his passport. A hopelessly deluded Australian Jew who goes to Israel and joins Mossad or the IDF gets an Australian government loan.

2) "There were a number of overseas students in the management course... Significantly for Ben, there was also a businessman who had links to Iran, and it was this Iranian who played a key role in his downfall. My understanding is that Ben began talking about things he should not have ever discussed, not only telling people that he used to work for the Mossad but divulging details of the operations against Iran in which he'd been personally involved. It seems incomprehensible that someone who'd received Mossad training and was so committed to Israel would do this... Yet two sources tell me that's what Ben did in conversations at the university, including with the Iranian businessman. This man is described as being 'unscrupulous', which makes Ben's willingness to disclose important facts to him even more surprising... [Ben] had been to Tehran, and he knew plenty about what the Mossad was trying to do. His loose talk was a serious problem, especially as the program of assassination of Tehran scientists was then near its peak."

Hello?! Have I got this right? The Iranian student was "unscrupulous" because he patriotically passed on details of Zygier's boasting (about Israel screwing Iran?) to his embassy, but Zygier, a cog in a terror machine involved in knocking off Iranian civilians, wasn't?


Anonymous said...

I read the article and noticed the words with built-in assumptions: Israel, IDF, Zionist youth movement and Mossad - good. Any victims of these - bad.

Ben Zygier was not an innocent abroad.

Anonymous said...

all true as above.

Australians should not become combatants in foreign wars---no matter which side.

Anonymous said...

So the Foreign Incursions and Recruitment Act does not apply to Australian Jews who choose to fight for Israel?

No doubt Zygier, along with hundreds of others, was recruited to serve in the Zionist youth "Gaadna" programme of army training in the IDF.