Sunday, February 9, 2014

Salt of the Earth vs Monosodium Glutamate of the Earth 2

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Israeli Forces Raid Ein Hijleh as Villagers Remain Steadfast

"Large numbers of Israeli troops and Border Police have made several attempts to raid the reclaimed Palestinian village of Ein Hijleh. Today, their attempt to reach the centre of the village was blocked by villagers, some of whom were overcome by tear gas. One youthful defender was shot and wounded in the leg by a tear gas canister fired at point blank range.

"The defence of the village followed the confiscation by Israeli forces of a 'Welcome to Ein Hijleh' sign placed on the so-called Route 90.

"Two Palestinians were also injured on the night of February 3 following clashes with Israeli forces; popular resistance activist Abdullah Abu Rahmeh sustained an injury to his arm resulting in multiple fractures, and a Palestinian youth, Mohammad Al-Khatib, suffered fractured ribs. Both were taken Jericho for hospital treatment. (It should be noted that Israeli forces blocked the entry of the ambulance carrying the patients back to Ein Hijleh, forcing the ambulance crew and the injured to proceed on foot.)

"The village is under siege by Israeli forces with water, food supplies and medical personnel being denied entry.

"Today, the villagers renovated several homes and planted 150 trees donated by the Environmental Relief around the village. Evening activities included art and cultural and political discussions.

"Israeli forces also detained 18 volunteers as they were entering/exiting the village, including an International Solidarity Movement activist who was later released."

Friday, 7 February 2014

Israeli Forces Evict Palestinians from Ein Hijleh

"Hundreds of Israeli troops raided the Jordan Valley village of Ein Hijleh at 1.30 in the morning, violently evicting its residents and declaring the village a closed military zone. It is estimated that between 200-250 Palestinians were in the village at the time. Thirty-five villagers were taken to Jericho Hospital following the eviction.

"Israeli forces fired a large number of sound bombs to scatter the crowd which had gathered in the centre of the village, and many women and children were evicted while sleeping in homes and tents. Israeli forces beat, kicked and threw residents to the ground, with some even being pushed into a fire. Taunted by Israeli troops, they were transferred on Israeli military buses to Jericho.

"Journalists and medical personnel in the village also came under attack. A cameraman from Palestine TV was pushed off a rooftop and a medic was hit in the chest with the but of a rifle.

"Activist Mahmoud Zawahreh from the Popular Struggle Committee in Al-Masara said that, despite the eviction from Ein Hijleh, the occupation forces could never evict the memory of the village or its accomplishments from the hearts and minds of its residents. Activist Monther Amira from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem said the eviction would not end the work of activists in the Jordan Valley, adding 'we will continue with our campaign, Melh Al-Ard (Salt of the Earth), to thwart Israeli plans to Judaize and annex the Jordan Valley."

Where, I wonder, was Fairfax's correspondent, Ruth Pollard while all of this was taking place? Too busy penning such inanities as "All of [the Israeli-occupied West Bank] is considered illegal under international law - a point Israel has disputed for decades"?

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