Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jeremy Buckingham, Anti-CSGasite

"NSW Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham has risked alienating himself from all sides of the Middle East divide by criticising the Israeli government about its treatment of Palestinian children... Following [Monday night's] Four Corners program, he has written to the Friends of Israel [parliamentary] group saying he was very concerned about the practices uncovered by the program. 'I am concerned the targeting and treatment of Palestinian children and the IDF's relationship with Israeli settlers is institutionalising the conflict in a way that is not only very harmful to the children involved, but also to the IDF soldiers (many of whom are also very young).' he wrote." (Green turns on Israel over use of children, Mark Coultan, The Australian, 14/2/14)

If only Buckingham would exhibit such Dalai Lama-like inclusiveness towards the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry.

Yes, we know he's concerned about the industry's impact on people and the environment, but has he ever thought how CSG miners (many of whom are quite young) feel about being locked out of land (promised to the CSG industry by G-V) by indoctrinated, insult-hurling mobs?

It's time we faced facts here: Buckingham's constant singling out and delegitimisation of the CSG industry crosses the line into anti-CSGasicism!


PB said...

The ABC must have actually been onto something because Israel's usual attack-dogs like Bolt have been conspicuously silent about THAT Four Corners episode. Maybe he's avoiding drawing attention to it.

Anonymous said...

Buckingham is a man of integrity , conscience and humanity.

He also does not label everything into boxes, but takes issues as they arise--unlike merc and the merry bunch of lemmings.

MERC said...

That's a relief! He had me worried for a minute.