Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hanging Offences

I was prompted by the following 'news' item to imagine just what Australia's legal landscape would look like if it ever underwent a Murdoch makeover:

"The creator of the Australian-based pro-Hezbollah Electronic Resistance website does not support a two-state solution in the Middle East and describes the Oslo and Camp David Arab-Israeli accords as 'a lie' but denies the site incites violence and promotes terrorism... Dr Rodger Shanahan, an expert on Shia Islam, terrorism and the Middle East at the Australian National University, describes the site as 'a possible portal' for further activity. 'Hezbollah is incredibly security conscious. They tend to tap you on the shoulder, not the other way round.' Despite this Dr Shanahan said the site offered a 'one-sided and bigoted' view of events. 'It idealises death for non-state actors,' he warned." (Hezbollah site denies promoting terrorism, Christian Kerr, The Australian, 13/2/14)

The omniscient 'Justice' Rodger Shanahan of the Lowy Tribunal would be presiding over such apparently hanging offences as:

1) Creating a website without Christian Kerr's express permission
2) Supporting a one-state solution to the Palestine problem
3) Critiquing the Oslo and Camp David accords
4) Providing possible portals for further activity - whatever TF that is
5) Getting tapped on the shoulder
6) Refusing to lie down and allow Israeli troops to walk all over you

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