Sunday, March 29, 2015

Death of a Zionist Mal-Meme

Hopefully, now that the Greens' Jenny Leong has decisively won the newly created seat of Newtown (encompassing inner Sydney, South Sydney, Petersham/Newtown and Marrickville) in the just-concluded NSW state elections, we can safely consign the malicious, Murdoch press-generated Zionist myth that support for BDS is electoral poison for the Greens to the dustbin of history.

For the story of the rise of this mal-meme, read my posts A Myth is Born 1-4 (29/3/11 - 31/3/11) and Fairfax Peddles the Marrickville Myth (11/11/12).


Anonymous said...

Did Jenny Leung at any stage in her campaign state she was 1/in favour of BDS
2/if yes, did she then stateshe will be pushing this issue in state parliament?

Ihave noidea, but perhaps you do.

MERC said...

No. But that was not the point of the post.