Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Mysterious Abu Joe 4

You've just gotta feel sorry for old Abu Joe:

"Joe Hockey said he was 'devastated' by an article on Fairfax Media front pages that he claims made him appear corrupt, which left his father in tears..." (Fairfax CEO threatened me, says Hockey, Leo Shanahan, The Australian, 10/3/15)

Poor bugger:

"Even his frail father, a refugee who had lost everything and rebuilt his life in Australia, expressed 'a brief doubt' during a phone call." (Fairfax and Treasurer square off over fundraising, Rick Feneley, Sydney Morning Herald, 10/3/15)

Hang on a minute... a refugee who had lost everything

Jeez, Joe, isn't playing the penniless refugee card a bit rich coming from you? After all, didn't you once say: 

"Leave the politics to the countries that are playing the politics. Don't bring the politics here. This is why people come to Australia - not to revisit all of the woes of another nation... Dad's just so unbelievably grateful that in 1947 Australia welcomed him and he sees himself as an Australian. Full stop." Joe Hockey, Sunrise, 16/11/12 (See my 8/8/13 post The Mysterious Abu Joe 1.)

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