Friday, March 20, 2015

RIP Malcolm Fraser 1930 - 2015

"Former Australian Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has told ABC's Jon Faine that he shares former Labor Foreign Minister Bob Carr's take on 'the Jewish lobby'. Fraser appeared on The Conversation Hour to discuss his new book Dangerous Allies. The conversation switched to Carr's recent book Diary of a Foreign Minister in which Carr is critical of the Jewish lobby in Australia." (Carr finds a friend,, 10/5/14)

Faine: Bob Carr has managed to upset a lot of people... with his memoir, saying that he thought the pro-Israel... lobby in Australia wielded too much power. What does Malcolm Fraser think of that?

Fraser: They certainly do.

That's how I began my 17/5/14 post The Truth Will Out: First Carr, Now Fraser.

Feel free to re-visit that post, read the full interview, realise its significance, and then mourn the passing of the only Australian PM (certainly post-war & probably pre-) to speak out honestly on this subject. 

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Grappler said...

In the words of that other great Australian, Gough Whitlam, also recently departed, Malcolm Fraser was "much improved". Hopefully history will judge him less by the 1975 take-over and more by his many humanitarian actions, especially in later life. He came to represent the best in Australian society. I, among many, will mourn this great Australian.