Thursday, March 26, 2015


Ever wondered about the identity and/or background of the charmless, trigger-happy Zionist grunts who ceaselessly patrol the internet, blazing away at anyone who dares to look askance at Israel?

I notice that the Red Rattler Theatre Facebook page is currently receiving their attention. You can read my 23/3/15 post Back to Marrickville for the context.

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to record some of their blasts and see what Mr Google has to say about the authors of same. Brace yourself:

Shane Behling: Fucking NAZIS!!!!!!!!

As well as being a man of few (and usually upper case) words, Shane's a tweeter from Bakersfield, California. His twitter bio reads as follows:



Harvey Garfield: Same racist attempt by The Tricycle theatre UK to ban the Jewish Film Festival last year resulted in mass protest outside the theatre. Sponsors dropped out and the Government Minister for Culture threatened to pull state funding. No idea why the Aussie community is writing letters. Hit this fascist entity in the pocket.

Hm... fellow Brit, Tony Greenstein, has this to say about the adorable Mr G at his blog:

"Now I have a slight knowledge of Harvey Garvey myself. Not only was he pictured dancing down Monmouth Street with his twin image Jonathan Hoffman and the EDL's Roberta Moore, but he is even more objectionable than his twin. This particular specimen of Zionist low-life, having no arguments of his own to make, has even tried to criticise my own views on Israel, not by reference to their own merits, but because my dead father would not have agreed with me! Only a thorough racist, Zionist or otherwise, would buy into this old 'kith and kin' argument that 'blood is thicker than water' therefore you should turn a blind eye to injustice carried out in your name by those whose religion/race you share.

"I even have knowledge of the violence of what Michael Shanahan describes as a 'rickshaw puller' who masquerades as a London cabby. At the anti-Habimah protests last year, I was taking a quiet stroll in the theatre, having appreciated how a Zionist troupe probably brought a whole new understanding to Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice (in fact, theirs was probably one of the worst interpretations imaginable - hackneyed and timeless) when I was set upon by a pack of hoodlums, including the said Harvey. As Garfield climbed onto my back, I heard a sudden thump on the floor where the schmuck landed. Immediately he started squealing and the Police detained me. However I then informed London's finest that in that case I wanted to press charges of assault against Harvey, and hey presto, I was released inside of 5 minutes as it dawned on even the most thick Met Inspector that little ol' me was hardly likely to want to take on 3 Zionist thugs at the same time!" (Tony Greenstein's Blog,, 10/12/12)


Anne Skinner: Outrageous racist and discriminatory decision to ban Hillel, a NSW-based educational organisation, from your venue. Shame on you. Shame Shame Shame.

Now just in case you're under the illusion that travel and mind-broadening always go together, check out this little emission from Ms Skinner of Kalgoorlie:

"There is an old tenet that the bigger the lie, and the more often it is told, the more likely it is to be believed. The truth about the founding of the state of Israel and the history of the Middle East for the past 64 years has been virtually lost in the stampede of revisionist history that repeatedly omit vital context, and blatantly hostile editorialising masquerading as informed comment.

"Australians who receive only local media reports are unlikely to realise the extent of media bias against Israel in the press overseas. Yet these anti-Israel reporters are forming the opinions of millions of people worldwide and helping influence the policies of governments. Honest Reporting is combating the media assault on Israel with a two-pronged action - holding media outlets and journalists to account while the Missions inform and equip supporters to better defend Israel.

"I was privileged to take part in Honest Reporting's November/December Mission to Israel, organised in conjunction with the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. It was an immensely valuable experience and I learned a great deal. All the speakers are experts in fields including politics, terrorism, media, population statistics*, settlement issues, defence, peace advocacy and aid to the Palestinians as well as Israel's international assistance and development projects. Mission participants can speak to the IDF officer responsible for sending aid into Gaza**, question an IDF officer as they view the security barrier, and visit the Golan Heights and Sderot for a first-hand look at the borders Israel must defend." (Honest Reporting/NSW Jewish Community/FOIWA Joint Mission to Israel, Friends of Israel Western Australia,, November 2013)


[*!!!!!!!!????????; **!!!!!!!!????????]


Mannie De Saxe said...

There is an article in today's newmatilda by a Russian Jew who talks about anti-semitism and praises Israel. He now lives in Australia and has never been to Israel.
Not only is his article bizarre, but some of the posted comments are even more so.
Read and enjoy!
Mannie De Saxe

MERC said...

I've seen it. Not only a home in Russia and a home in Australia, but a 'spiritual' weekender in occupied Palestine.

Meanwhile Palestinians must live in tents or somehow find shelter amid the rubble of their shattered refugee camps in Gaza.

The arrogance of the man is simply beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's an illustration of what we were talking about in a previous post.

"Whether it’s BDS (the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions Movement) or the myriad of racist Facebook pages, or just a friend who jokes about how Jews run the place and have all the money; if we are to maintain any semblance of an ordered, respectful functioning multi-faith and multicultural society, then we owe it to ourselves to stamp this out, for good." (If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever - Orwell).