Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

"If you're not careful newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." Malcolm X

Not hanging offences, I know, but...

Case 1:

"... so-called Arab Israelis - mostly ethnic Palestinians who complain of being treated as second-class citizens..." (Arab parties hold key to Israeli poll, Jamie Walker*, The Australian, 16/3/15)

Instead of "so-called Arab Israelis - mostly ethnic Palestinians" why not simply refer to them as what they are, namely 'Palestinian Israelis'?

Better still: 'Palestinian Israelis whose ancestors somehow managed to escape the great ethnic cleansing of 1948, known to Palestinians as 'the Nakba (catastrophe)'.

And what's with "who complain of being treated as second-class citizens"?

Maybe it's because they are second-class citizens, Jamie.

And that's simply because they're not Jews. It's called apartheid, actually, as your predecessor, John Lyons, once acknowledged: see my 2/5/12 post Consensus at Last.

Case 2:

"... Hartley, a strident political advocate for Palestine..." (The secret Murdoch file kept hidden by British government, Philip Dorling, Sydney Morning Herald, 16/3/15)

Oh, FFS!

Hands up anyone who's ever heard an Israel lobbyist/propagandist described as "strident" in the ms press?

Just as I thought... not a hand in sight!

[*So Murdoch's Australian has a new Middle East correspondent, replacing John Lyons. It's too early to say whether he can fill Lyons' shoes - or better! - let's hope the above infelicities are just a matter of finding his feet.]

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Raeleen D said...

Jamie may be a new Middle East correspondent, but he is certainly no newcomer to reporting in difficult areas. He has over 30 years experience as a highly qualified and dedicated journalist, having reported news from many places around the globe, with many awards under his belt. I have followed his stories for quite a while and always find he is a highly compassionate write who writes for the underdog. Wile taking nothing away from John Lyons, I am sure if you give him a chance and follow him, he will more than fill any journalist shoes but I am sure he is only looking to reporting the truth as honestly as he always has. I look forward to reading more about the middle ease lifestyle and crises. With all the danger and terror associated with Middle East assignments in the last few years, I can only hope Jamie, as well as all overseas correspondents stay safe and come home to Australia when your work is over.