Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Colonel Kemp, Now Alan Johnson

There's no doubt about it, Sydney University, home to Professor Jake Lynch, the Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies, and Sydney Staff for BDS, is being targeted by the Israel lobby.

First, there was Colonel Kemp*, and now, Alan Johnson:

"Apart from weapons, the way to defeat Islamic terrorism may be to engage in 'deeds of real opportunity' to win over young Muslims, such as an economic reconstruction 'Marshall Plan' for Gaza in exchange for demilitarization, according to leftist British political theorist Alan Johnson. He said social democratic movements in the West were operating in 'a kind of organised incoherence,' including slavishly attacking the traditional punching bags of Israel and the US... Professor Johnson, a senior associate at the British Labour-leaning think tank the Foreign Policy Centre, and a senior fellow at the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre [BICOM], was addressing a Sydney University audience." (Fight extremists 'with hearts and minds', Ean Higgins, The Australian, 23/7/15)

So "young Muslims" are going to be inspired by an end to Palestinian resistance and the transformation of the Gaza Ghetto into a pool of cheap labour for Israel? Hm...

If, on the other hand, Johnson had taken a different leaf out of US Secretary of State (1947-49) George Marshall's book, namely, that statesman's opposition to the partition of Palestine in 1947 and US recognition of the state of Israel in May 1948, there'd be no such thing as a USraeli "punching bag" today. (See my 12/10/12 post Mitt Romney is No George Marshall.)

So who's next at Sydney U?

[*See my 17/4/15 post The Trouble With Colonel Kemp.]


Anonymous said...

Notice how the dispossessed Palestinians, driven from their homes into the Gaza ghetto, have morphed into being called Islamic terrorism. Not that that was always the case, ethnic cleansing of Palestinians has always been the openly stated goal of Zionism. Nor are all the Palestinians in Gaza or anywhere else Muslim.

I just wonder who these foreign propagandists think they are fooling with this repetitious nonsense ?

Surely not the educated students of Sydney University!

Or perhaps the Australian Labor Party conference?

The real problem is Zionist terrorism.

The real problem is Zionist terrorism.

Anonymous said...

"deeds of real opportunity" for Palestinians, eh? I bet they have heard that one before !

Vacy said...

I bet hasbara pays well